Self-Examination and Analysis of Life’s Experiences

In last week’s blog, we talked about unique strengths and how to identify them. As a starting point, we asked you to look at the very things you have been doing all your life: the ‘what’ you were doing, paying particular attention to the ‘how’ you were doing it.


What are unique strengths and how do we identify them?

In the last blog, I shared with you that inherent in each of us is a unique set of strengths that we express all the time.  In that blog I used the example of President Obama, highlighting that to become aware of these strengths and how to express them is a true path to success and ever-expanding opportunities.  This week’s blog is dedicated to what unique strengths are and how we can identify them.


Investing your unique strengths for success

As many of us were captivated by the journey of Barack Obama to the White House and the world watched in awe as he marched steadily and confidently toward winning the 2008 presidential election, much was said and written about his strategy, his team, his message, his “luck” in achieving what was widely thought to be the ‘impossible’.

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